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Delivering dreams (projects) through behavioral science!

About Us

The profession of project management is entering a new level of maturity. Project management processes are well-known, highly developed, and widely used. Organizations are committed to a project-based approach to implementing change. It is time for project managers, PMOs, professional associations, project professionals of all specializations, and organizations worldwide to look forward to a new phase in project management, one that focuses on behavioral factors. And at the institute, we are already starting to redesign planning around the brain with the NeuralPlan NPPQ training and certification ( 

If you've heard of Behavioral Economics or the book Freakonomics, this is the same science, only applied to project management. And just like behavioral science upended economics and totally recreated its theoretical foundations, behavioral science is doing the same thing for project management. 

Nobel prize winners Richard Thaler and Daniel Kahneman helped forever change the way we do business, and we are carrying on that work into project management. 

We at the Institute of Neuro and Behavioral Project Management believe redesigning our processes around the brain is the way to take project management into the 21st Century and beyond, and create a practice that will result in better project outcomes, and more flexible approaches to change in all types of organizations.

What we believe:

- Human endeavors - projects - are what make the world go around. Every great human endeavor ever accomplished, or ever to be accomplished, is a project

- Human behavior is the reason why we create projects, but also the reason many projects fail

- The intersection of these two great phenomena are the purpose for the Institute's existence

- We believe in using the science of human behavior to make human endeavors successful

The Institute will strive to be the center of the intersection of human endeavors and human behavior.

Works in progress and planned for the future include:

- Certifications (the NPPQ NeuralPlan certification course is now launched)
- International conference for Neuro & Behavioral Project Management
- The Journal of Neuro & Behavioral Project Management
- Training for practitioners and certification preparation
- Mapping of human behavior to recognized project management process methodologies such as PMBOK, Agile, Prince2, and others
- Further research in the behavioral and neurosciences specific to the project domain

Why you should join us

Members are a part of the community of Behavioral Project Management enthusiasts. Some of the benefits are:

  • Access to a real-time community of people just like you who are curious about behavioral science in project management. It's like a Facebook network for practitioners, only better :-)
  • Free courses (coming soon...)
  • Member-only content, such as first to see new articles or works in progress
  • Stay up to date on events, with some events for members only
  • Sub-groups for people to share knowledge and experience on various topics

A podcast to explain it all

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